Social Hype was created to help businesses connect with potential customers. Our aim is to help brands discover people within their target market and reach out to them.
Yes, in fact Social Hype works better for active accounts, so we encourage you to post as normal.
Private accounts can use Social Hype however results may be limited. Our app helps generate you page views which lead to likes and follows. If people are unable to see your page they are less likely to interact with you.

We recommend taking your account off private whilst Social Hype is active for better results.

Whilst Social Hype is running we discourage conducting too much manual activity on Instagram (such as liking and following). We also stress that you should not use any other automation services simultaneously with Social Hype as this may lead to errors or password reset.
No, all activity is going on our servers. You can feel free to log out or even switch between Social Hype accounts.
If you do not have your “unfollows” turned on, or you were following a large number of people before you signed up to Social Hype, you might find you hit your following limit. Instagram has a strict limit for following and does not allow any users to follow more than 7500 accounts. Sometimes even unaccepted requests to private users can count as followings.

In this instance we would advise you turn your “follow” button off. If your “unfollows” is turned on, allow the app four days to process any scheduled unfollows.

After this is complete you should manually unfollow more accounts until you are happy with the number of people you are following before proceeding to resume normal Social Hype activity.

You Social Hype subscription can be cancelled easily and at any time. To cancel your subscription you need to:

  1. Log in to your Social Hype account
  2. Go to “Price Packages”
  3. Find the package you are on and press the “Cancel” button.

The subscription will continue to run until the end of the month you have paid for. If you would like activity to stop immediately, simply disconnect your Instagram in the dashboard section.

If you have only just created your Instagram page, we recommend waiting a month before signing up your account to Social Hype.

We would advise you run the account normally for a month before adding the account to Social Hype. Ensure you are active on your new Instagram page, regularly posting updates and liking other photos.

Once you do connect to Social Hype, new accounts can turn on likes, but should wait a couple of weeks before also adding the follow feature.

Instagram can be wary of new accounts which like and follow other users en mass, as they might be considered spam or fake accounts.